There’s a reason that Brian’s latest book is fundamentally about living happily ever now. Brian empowers people to get out of their own way. That’s it. The simplest answer to the first question we get about Brian’s speaking work: what does Brian speak about?

Brian helps people get out of their own way by getting into their own purpose. We often hear that the best part about Brian’s work as a speaker is that it’s not about completely reinventing your life but about reintroducing you to the things you already know about yourself but have forgotten and/or strayed from and then equipping you with simple, practical tools to help you truly have the life and impact you most desire.

With programs for groups as small as 10 to groups as large as several thousand, Brian works directly with you to serve your specific needs. When you invite Brian into your event or community, you get original music from the heart and about real life. You get personal stories that reinforce in real terms the message conveyed. You get concrete strategies with which to affect, in everyday life, the changes discussed. You get enthusiasm, sincerity, interaction, honesty, talent, and that certain indescribable something that leaves everyone in attendance changed.

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