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We could hit you with big, heady questions here like “are you meant for more?” “Should you dare to live a different, more full, more bold, more loving life?” And on and on.

Really though, coaching is all about practical, powerful results. It's perfect for anyone who feels stalled or stuck in some area of their education, life or career. Working one-on-one with Brian via phone, Skype or in person, his coaching provides the “ah-ha” moments that inspire action to create real change.

As a coach, Brian works with people to develop and implement strategies that help them dial into what they truly want – specifically and more broadly. He uses action and insight to train their head, heart and hands, to empower and equip people for lasting change.

When you are ready to change your life, really ready to step more fully into the life you most want for yourself, then contact Pamela Nichols at and we'll get you started with a free sample session with Brian.